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What are the impacts of Forged Steel Ball For Iron Ore Mine size on production? Apr 17, 2018

The size of forged steel balls used in iron ore mines will directly affect the grain size characteristics, dissociation degree and consumption index of the grinding products, while the mill rotation speed and filling rate remain unchanged. Next, we will analyze this situation and work together to understand the impact of the size of forged steel balls in the next iron mine on production.


First of all, the size of forged steel ball used in the iron ore mine will affect the productivity of the mill. This is because when the ball diameter is too large, the productivity will be reduced because the number of strikes is small and the area of polishing is small. When the ball diameter is too small, the productivity is decreased due to the lack of impact force. Therefore, determining the proper ball diameter in production will help increase the production efficiency of the mill.


Secondly, the size of forged steel ball used in the iron ore mine will also have a certain degree of influence on the uniformity of the grain size distribution of the grinding product. As a result of the excessively large diameter of the ball, the number of blows is small, resulting in a rough level of wear, and an excessively large striking force increases the number of cracks. It was found that when the ball diameter was adjusted to a precision, the maximum grain size and average grain size of the ore grinding product were reduced, and the over-comminution was also reduced by 3% to 4%. The product size was more uniform and the middle size was more easily selected. Increased grade, more favorable to mineral processing.


Third, the size of the forged steel ball used in the iron ore mine will also affect the dissociation degree of the mineral monomer in the grinding product. If the diameter of the steel ball is too large, the ore will be broken through due to the large impact force, but the granularity will be mechanically thinned and the degree of dissociation of the minerals is not high. The precision of the ball diameter can increase the degree of monomer dissociation of useful minerals by 4% to 6%, thereby improving the concentrate grade and recovery rate.


In addition, the size of the forged steel ball used in the iron ore mine will also affect the energy consumption of the equipment and the noise level of the equipment. In short, the size of forged steel balls in iron ore mines has a great influence on the various indicators of grinding, and the precise choice of dimensions is of great significance.