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The outstanding characteristics and production process of forged steel grinding balls Jul 02, 2018

The forged steel grinding ball is one of the grinding media for the ball mill. It is a product with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size by heating the metal until the temperature reaches 1050oC; then applying pressure to the metal blank by the forging machine. .


The forged steel grinding ball can eliminate the defects such as loosening of casting state during the smelting process by forging and optimize the microstructure. At the same time, since the complete metal flow line is preserved, the mechanical properties of the forged steel grinding ball are generally better than The cast grinding ball of the same material, for example, has good surface quality, good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance, and is not easily broken and rounded.


If there is a higher requirement for the wear resistance of the forged steel grinding ball, it is necessary to use a wear-resistant material or a highly wear-resistant alloy steel material. However, it is also a material, the quality produced in different steel mills is also different, and the quality of forged steel grinding balls depends mostly on the quality of the materials.


In addition to the above characteristics, forged steel grinding balls also exhibit advantages such as accurate size, high roundness, high hardness, and mechanical properties, and are favored by users because of their low price, economy and durability. Many industries have begun to use them. Forged steel grinding balls.


In order to ensure the above characteristics, forged steel grinding balls should be produced in strict accordance with the production process, first of all, raw material inspection, then cutting, medium frequency furnace heating, forging ball, quenching treatment, tempering treatment, etc., forged steel grinding ball product testing It can only be packaged after passing the test.


The surface of a qualified forged steel grinding ball must not have visible cracks, slag inclusions, over-burning, or severe folding, and must not have hollows or cracks. The depth of the forged steel grinding ball shall not be greater than the allowable tolerance size of the ball diameter, and its length shall not be greater than 30% of the diameter of the steel ball.