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Is the alumina grinding ball a forged grinding media ball? Nov 17, 2018

Alumina abrasive balls are not forged grinding media balls.

The alumina grinding ball is made of bauxite, roller powder, industrial alumina powder, high-temperature calcined alpha alumina powder, etc., by batching, milling, forming, drying and sintering.

The production process for forged grinding media ball is forging.

What is the forging of a forged grinding media ball?

Forging of a forged grinding media ball refers to a method of applying a certain pressure to a metal blank by a forging press to cause plastic deformation to form a forged piece of a certain shape and size.

Free forging: An external force is directly applied to the blank between the upper and lower anvils of the forging equipment to deform it to obtain a forged piece of a desired shape and size. In application, it is mainly used to produce forgings with small quantities.

Die forging: two types, split type and closed type, are metal forgings which are pressed and deformed in a forging die having a certain shape to obtain a forged piece. Mainly used to produce parts that are not heavy and have large batch sizes.

Is the forged grinding media ball a forging or casting?

The forged grinding media ball is obtained by forging and is a forging. In the forging process, the forged grinding media ball can form a reasonable particle structure to improve the physical properties of the metal, thereby ensuring better performance and effectiveness of the finished product.