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Alloy Steel Grinding Balls For Mining Basics May 02, 2018

At present, the market demand for Alloy Steel Grinding Balls For Mining is very large. This product is mainly used for ball mills and is used as a medium for grinding materials. Alloy steel grinding balls have a wide range of applications, especially in the beneficiation plant industry.


Types of grinding ball used for alloy steel mines:

At present, the grinding balls for alloy steel mines are mainly divided into two categories. One is cast steel balls, which mainly include common cast and cast steel balls, non-electric furnaces to produce low-chromium alloy cast steel balls, and electric furnaces to melt medium-chromium alloy cast steel balls. The electric furnace melts the high chromium alloy cast steel balls and the electric furnace melts the ultra-high chromium alloy cast steel balls. The content of chromium in this kind of steel ball is about 22%-30%. Another grinding ball used is forged steel balls: 50mn, 60mn, 65mn and high alloy steel B2, B3, BU forged hot rolled steel balls.

Standards for grinding steel balls for alloy steels:

Forged Steel Ball Latest Standard: YB/T091-2005

The latest standard of cast steel ball: GB/T17445-2010


The selection requirements for grinding balls for alloy steel mines: In the grinding operation, the user needs to determine the grinding ball according to the diameter of the ball mill, the hardness of the ore, the grain size of the ball mill, the ball hardness (mass), the speed of the ball mill and other factors. How to use it.


The use of alloy steel grinding balls Note:

Normally, the number of benchmark installed machines for grinding balls for alloy steel mines, ie, the number of balls consumed, is equal to the total number of total balls used and the difference between clearance balls.